The high quality of BIMA medical treatment has been confirmed and validated by an external Membership Accreditation Committee. Our motto “Excellence in People Care” is undeniably present not only in our medical procedures but also in the research and training carried out by BIMA professionals.

Alvar Agustí, MD.

Respiratory Medicine

Pedro Alonso, MD.

Epidemiology. International Health.

Pedro Barri, MD.

Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine

Josep Brugada, MD.


Ramon Brugada, MD.

Cardiovascular Genetics

Pedro Claros, MD.


Bonaventura Clotet, MD.

Infectious Diseases, HIV / AIDS

Antonio Coca, MD.


Ramon Cugat, MD.

Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology

Lluis Donoso, MD.


Rafael Esteban, MD.


Enriqueta Felip, MD.

Thoracic Oncology

Eduard Gratacos, MD.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Javier Lucaya, MD.


Josep M Campistol, MD.

Nephrology and Renal Transplant

Antonio M de Lacy, MD

General and Digestive Surgery

Josep M Gatell, MD.

Infectious Diseases, HIV/AIDS

Josep M Llovet, MD.

Liver Oncology

Raymond Miralbell, MD.

Radiation Oncology

Laureano Molins, MD.

Thoracic Surgery

Jaume Mora, MD.

Pediatric Oncology, Hematology

Julià Panés, MD.

Gastroenterology. Inflammatory Bowel...

Josep Piqué, MD.


Jorge Planas, MD.

Plastic Surgery

José Luis Pomar, MD.

Cardiac Surgery

Vicente Riambau, MD.

Vascular Surgery and Angiology

Joan Rodés, MD.

Hepatology. Emeritus

Josep Tabernero, MD.

Digestive Oncology

Antonio Tramullas, MD:

Sports Medicine

Alvaro Urbano, MD.