The high quality of BIMA medical treatment has been confirmed and validated by an external Membership Accreditation Committee. Our motto "Excellence in People Care" is undeniably present not only in our medical procedures but also in the research and training carried out by BIMA professionals.
Medical and surgical procedures
Education & training
Biomedical research
Patient services

Medical and surgical procedures

The BIMA human resource team provides the best up-to-date medical care, based on excellence and on the outstanding clinical experience of all our professionals. Our priority is the individualized welfare of each and every one of our patients.

1.1. BIMA Surgical Procedures

Most surgical procedures performed by BIMA professionals are carried out using minimally invasive techniques:

  • Laparoscopy
  • NOTES – Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery
  • 3D surgery
BIMA professionals are pioneers in the use of these techniques.
Minimally invasive techniques lead to better results since they significantly reduce both the post-operative complications and the hospital stay.
BIMA professionals work together with excellent anaesthesiologists who do their utmost to lessen post-operative pain.

1.2 BIMA Cancer Treatment

BIMA oncologists participate in leading edge cancer research as attested by their professional record.
Our mission is to increase the possibilities of curing different types of cancer and to reduce the adverse side-effects of existing treatments.
Our comprehensive view of cancer includes both the healthcare and the human side of all our patients as well as their loved ones.

1.3. Early detection of illness. Genetic study

Our group is devoted to the prevention of highly prevalent diseases such as cancer, as well as the treatment of chronic conditions. We offer genetic and clinical studies for early detection and can thus provide better treatment and improve our patients’ quality of life and wellbeing.
At BIMA, our goal is excellence in the medical care of our patients based on a new concept: 4P Care
The four basic principles of 4P medical care are:

  • prediction
  • prevention
  • personalization
  • participation

Patients are the centre of our attention; they are the focal point of all decisions made concerning treatment and personalized therapies and procedures based on their medical condition.

A genetic analysis, usually based on a blood sample, can detect any hereditary risk of developing some kinds of cancer and enables us to identify those family members most likely to be at risk, allowing them to take measures for prevention or early detection. It also enables us to identify those members who did not inherit the genetic disorder that raises the risk of cancer and so free them from undergoing specific monitoring.

1.4. Reproductive Medicine

We work to increase the possibility of pregnancy in our patients based on an individualised approach to assisted reproduction techniques and treatments, including low- and high-complexity procedures.

We conduct research that focuses on reducing the complications associated with these techniques, such as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or multiple pregnancy rates.

Our aim is to provide simple and concise information about diagnosis and treatment of sterility, and adapt to the characteristics and needs of each couple whenever possible.

The professionals of BIMA have their own research, development and innovation (R&D+i) department, under the direction of biologists, which conducts research and is at the forefront in numerous reproductive medicine techniques

They are working on development of a new fertility preservation unit that will offer cancer patients the option of preserving healthy tissues, gametes (ova and/or spermatozoa) and embryos.

The Reproductive Medicine Unit of professionals of BIMA established in 1979. By 1982 the in vitro fertilisation program had already begun. The first Spanish baby conceived by in vitro fertilisation was delivered at our centre in 1984. Since then over 8,000 children have been born at the clinic using this technique

This department, in collaboration with the biomedical division of Sistemas Genómicos, achieved the first pregnancy free from multiple exostoses disease in the world by using the preimplantation genetic diagnosis technique in 2007.

Education & training

Barcelona has attracted international talent over the past few years.
Several research centers have recently been built in Barcelona:

  • Center for Genomic Regulation
  • Center Esther Koplowitz
  • Health research institutes associated to high-complexity hospitals

These developments are the city’s best credentials to become the main training destination in Advanced Medicine and Biomedical Research for professionals of emerging countries.

BIMA transfers the innovation where the knowledge and the talent resides, near the professionals, through the appropriate platforms, such as the International Center of Surgical Innovation (Hospital Clínic).

Biomedical research

Barcelona is a center of excellence in Advanced Medical training, focused on the acquisition of skills and knowledge of super-specialization.

This objective relies on two key areas:

  • Specific Master programs and high quality training courses hosted by the universities in Barcelona
  • The use of new educational technologies

The International Center of Surgical Innovation (Hospital Clínic) is under project as part of the BZ Barcelona Zone Innovation project, an economic restructuring of 50 hectares of land previously used for industrial purposes at the Zona Franca Industrial Estate in Barcelona.

This center will host surgical rooms and experimental labs, equipped to carry out a wide range of procedures on large animals, available for training of surgeons, endoscopists or interventional radiologists.

These activities will facilitate technological innovation and collaboration with the industry, promoting an innovative and multidisciplinary training model developing an innovative and multi-disciplinary training concept involving industry, universities, research center and healthcare institutions.

Patient services

Our priority is the comfort and well-being of all our patients, according to their individual needs.
Excellence in People Care: our utmost priority is the comfort and well-being of all our patients, caring for every aspect of their experience according to their individual needs.

Personal Interpreter

Communication being a patient’s fundamental right, we ensure that language is not an obstacle to receiving outstanding medical care.

All BIMA’s professionals are fluent in English, and most of them also in French.

Should you not speaker either of these languages (English, French), BIMA provides an interpreter who will assist you as needed.

The interpreter will accompany you throughout the whole treatment, attending the medical appointments and offering other assistance as needed. They are also authorized by BIMA to accompany you during surgery and the recovery phase, thus ensuring communication with your doctor at all times, including those most significant to you.

Additional services

We intend to provide the best possible care for you and also for your accompanying family, as this will help you feel completely at ease.

With this objective in mind, we could provide assistance in the organization of your stay in Barcelona only upon your request:

  • VIP transfer airport/hotel/hospital
  • reservations at the best hotels in Barcelona
  • organization of sightseeing tours
  • personal shoppers