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Professional Position (present)



Educaction / Degrees


Post Doctoral Training (overseas)


 37 years


Colorectal cancer
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Gastroesophageal reflux and dyspepsia

School of Medicine, University of Barcelona.

Doctor of Medicine (PhD) (1982)


Chief Executive Officer Hospital Clínic of Barcelona
Gastroenterologist at Institute of Digestive Diseases, Hospital Clínic
Associate Professor, University of Barcelona

President of Spanish Foundation of Gastroenterology


School of Medicine. University of Barcelona. Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery (1974)
Hospital Clinic. Specialist in Gastroenterologist (1979)
School of Medicine. University of Barcelona. Doctor of Medicine (PhD). Magna Cum Laude (1982)

Center for Ulcer Research and Education, UCLA Los Angeles, 1986-1987.


Professional Experience







Associations / Achievements
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Lectures / Presentations






Educational activities


Resident in Gastroenterology (1977 – 1980). Hospital Clinic Barcelona
Medical Staff of Gastroenterology Service (1981-1992). Hospital Clinic Barcelona
Chief of Gastroenterology (1993-2005). Hospital Clinic Barcelona
Medical Director (2006-2008). Hospital Clínic Barcelona


Hospital Clinic Barcelona


Member of the Research Committee of OMGE (World Organization in Gastroenterology) (1999-2002).
President of Catalan Society of  Digestive Diseases (2000-2001). President of Spanish Foundation of Gastroenterology since 2009.
Reviewer of ANEP (Spanish National Agency on Prospective Evaluation),  FIS (Fondo de Investigaciones Sanitarias) and the principal international journals in the field  of gastroenterology
Editor of the journal Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Director of the on-line program on Continuous Medical Education on Gastroenterology and Hepatology.  
Chairman of the Joint Meeting between Spanish Association of Gastroenterology and the American Association of Gastroenterology.


More than 400 presentations in national and international congresses

More than 150 invited lectures


More than 290 original manuscripts published in indexed peer review journals
Editor of 20 scientific books and 74 chapters of books written.


Professor of Medicine. School of Medicine. University of Barcelona. (since 1993)